Situated in Royal Deeside, with access to large forest resources, we produce and deliver seasoned woodchip suitable for small and medium sized woodfuel boilers.

Contact us...

Give us a call on (01330) 826556

Please include your postcode in any order so we can give you an accurate quote for the cost of woodfuel delivered to your door.



has now taken over the firewood deliveries for The Wuidchips Company.

The telephone number remains the same but email contact is now

We Supply...

        • Split & seasoned firewood
        • Woodchip loose in bulk

We always aim to deliver within 1-2 working days

Truck carrying 1.2 tonnes of split logs
DWP Harvesting HOBESCO Our woodfuel conforms to European Standards CEN/TS 15234:2006 Fuel Quality Assurance and CEN/TS 14961:2005 Fuel Specification and Classes.